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Humanity needs a Conscious Evolution – perhaps even a Consciousness Revolution

I am deeply inspired to share with you all great teachings and lessons that I have learned from traveling the globe studying with master teachers of Body-Mind-Spirit and Human Transformation.

We live in VERY interesting times, don’t we?

2020 will prove to be a major transformational year. Some say the end and I say a whole new beginning.

I am sure that you are feeling the many shifts that are taking place at such an accelerated pace on our planet and in our societies. I know that I am. The other day I was speaking with two 8 year old twin girls in my office and asked them what they thought about the passing of time….. As they both looked up from texting on their phones… Their simultaneous reply was “It’s speeding up, silly everyone knows that.” So there you have it but only a few know why. We will also explore that on this blog.

Humanity needs a Conscious Evolution – perhaps even a Consciousness Revolution. One that keeps the heart open so much that fear cannot reside.

I look forward to bringing you a blog filled with info on the new cutting edge advances towards building a better planet and future for humanity. And of course offer some personal wisdom in my Optimal Life and Conscious Evolution Teachings.

I intend to be very free here in expressing what wisdom that I can. Some things will really resonate with you and other things may not. Those things may be for someone else and not for you. Some things may be completely life changing and others just a little inspiration to move forward towards a better day (or life).

My desire is to inspire new ways of thinking, new ways of interacting with the world, helping you to Change Your Life to Change your World. Many times I will lead you to cutting edge and fringe edge news just to open you up to other paradigms. Many times I will just tweet an inspirational thought. It may be my own or a cool quote from whomever.

I encourage you to live the life of your dreams. If you need helped with that then contact us for a course, or coaching session to take charge of your life, breakthrough to the next level and live the Optimal Life.

Speak with you soon.

Live the dream awake,

Richard Van Donk